JCB Gift Cards & JCB-QUO Cards Information

JCB Gift Cards


Over one million stores across Japan accept JCB gift cards, including department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and golf courses, making these convenient gift cards for use at a wide range of facilities.

・Cash change cannot be given. Please spend more than the face value of the card.
・If the perforated section on the left is ripped off then the card is rendered void.
・Cards have no expiry date.
・Cards cannot be exchanged for cash, new ones , other types of card or other types of currency.
・JCB bears no responsibility for the theft, loss, damage etc. to cards.
・Cards may not be accepted at certain retailers for purchases including gold, silver, bullion, and other products as specified by the retailer. *1
・Stores may not accept the cards at their own discretion. *1
・You may be unable to use cards in certain chain store branches or certain stores inside shopping centers. *1
・Stores that accept the cards may change that policy without notice. *1
・Cards cannot be used outside of Japan.
*1 Please confirm with the store for more details.

AEON / AOKI / BEST / BIC CAMERA / COACH / Daiei / DAIMARU / Denny's / EDION / HOTEL SUNROUTE / Isetan / Ito Yokado / Joshin / Kani Doraku / KEIO PLAZA HOTEL / Kintetsu Department Store / Kirindo / Kisoji / KOJIMA / Komeri / LaLaPort / LAOX / Maruetsu / MARUI / Matsuya / Matsuzakaya / Maxvalu / MIKIMOTO / Mitsui Outlet Park / Mitsukoshi / NIPPON TRAVEL AGENCY / NITORI / Nojima / PARCO / Peacock Store / PRADA / Premium Outlets / Prince Hotel / Royal Host / Sapporo Kanihonke / Seibu Department Store / SEIYU / Sofmap / SOGO / SUGI PHARMACY / Takashimaya / TOBU Department Store / Tokyu Department Store / TOKYU HANDS / Toys'R'us & Babies'R'us / TSURUHA DRUG / Ume-no-Hana / UNIQLO / VALENTINO / Washoku SATO / YAMADA-DENKI(LABI) / Yodobashi-Camera / Yofuku-no-Aoyama



QUO cards are gift certificates (prepaid cards) that can be used in 57,000 participating stores across Japan, including convenience stores, book stores, drugstores, family restaurants and gas stations.
They can be used in all stores across Japan that display the QUO Card sticker.
Present the card at the register when paying.

・Cards have no expiry date, but if a card has use restrictions then the expiry date will be written on the back of the card.
・No change will be given. The amount used will be deducted from the card. Any remaining funds can be used for subsequent purchases.
・The remaining funds on the card will be shown on your receipt after making a purchase.
・Can be used in conjunction with cash only. If the remaining funds on the card are insufficient for the purchase then you can pay the remainder using cash.
・You will be unable to use the QUO card if you have written on the front of it, stuck stickers etc. to it, bent it, or exposed it to magnetism.
・Cards cannot be used outside of Japan.

Seven-Eleven / LAWSON / FamilyMart / Circle-K Sunkus / GUSTO / Bamiyan / Denny's / Matsumoto Kiyoshi



※Multiple choice possible