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Tokyo Night View Spots

A picturesque memory courtesy of the dazzling Tokyo lights

Along with the symbolic Tokyo towers floating in the darkness, take in the glamour of Tokyo Bay, the starry night sky and much more. This time we’re featuring these Tokyo night view spots. Spend a romantic time with these Tokyo night views where the buildings glitter!

Carrot Tower Observation Deck


The 26-story Carrot Tower underwent renovations in 2017. You can look out over majestic and beautiful Tokyo from the observation deck on the top floor. The downtown side looks over the opposite landscape, providing views of the wide starry skies and the sparkling glimmer of the town below. Despite charging no entry fee, the observation deck provides chairs so guests can relax while taking in the night view.


The night view can also be seen while enjoying a restaurant meal, making this an ideal location for dates or celebrating a special day with a special someone.

Yebisu Garden Place SKY LOUNGE


See sights including Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, and the Rainbow Bridge in one sweep! This is a must-visit location for those with such aspirations.


The 38th-floor observation space ‘SKY LOUNGE’ was renovated in 2016. The high-rise outlook can be enjoyed free of charge. Dimmed internal lighting makes the extensive night view of Tokyo stand out even more beautifully.

SKY CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observatory


SKY CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observatory was revovated in 2016. The glitter of Shinjuku skyscrapers, Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, and more make this a very popular location to appreciate the night view.


Ikebukuro Station, with people and trains bustling back and forth, is also visible from the observation deck. Why not pay a visit and take a look at the shining heart of Tokyo?

Symbol Promenade Park


©Tokyo Port Terminal Corporation

The park consists of three areas: West, Center, and East. Events are held here from time to time, in a healing space with greenery and water. In the evening, the area transforms to an illuminated romantic atmosphere. This is a popular spot where you can relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


©Tokyo Port Terminal Corporation

You won’t fail to be charmed by the West Park Bridge, which spans the sea with wide open panoramas.

Photos courtesy of: Hotel Okura Enterprise Co., Ltd., Sapporo Real Estate Co., Ltd., Sunshine City Corporation Co., Ltd., Tokyo Port Terminal Corporation

This information is current as of October 21, 2019 and may be subject to change without notice. For further details and the latest information, please inquire directly to the relevant establishments.



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