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At the end of summer, we can take a peek at the fall scenery

As the autumn equinox in September approaches, the last of the heat eases off and you can feel the days getting shorter. It is still early for the colored leaves of autumn, but you can definitely feel fall approaching. Now is the time, just before the full-blown season for colored leaves gets underway, to introduce some special spots for viewing the autumn scenery a little in advance.


【Hitachi Seaside Park】(Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture)

From the middle of July onwards, Kochia (also known as summer cypress or burning bush) starts to develop, a plant which grows in a cute, round shape, soft and flexible to the touch. Here, around 32,000 bushes of Kochia can be seen across the hillside, making the view spectacular. From late September until early October, the color starts to change little by little through the shades from green to red. At its peak in autumn, the color will have turned fully to bright red. The contrast with a clear autumn sky is especially stunning.


【Nasu Flower World】 (Nasu County, Tochigi Prefecture)

At this time of the year, the popular plant at Nasu Flower World is the cockscomb, whose flame-colored flowers paint the fall landscape. The flower is named "cockscomb" due to its resemblance to the crest of a rooster. Red, yellow and pink, etc. the large flower clusters make a vibrant display in the garden in autumn.


【Sengokuhara Japanese Pampas Grassland】(Ashigarashimo County, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Sengokuhara Japanese pampas grassland is famous as a location in Hakone that must be visited in summer and fall. This grassland spreads out at the foot of Mount Daigatake, with the Japanese pampas grass stalks swaying like waves, bright green in summer before turning golden yellow in autumn, making it the perfect spot to take a commemorative picture. At peak viewing times it can get crowded, so why not come and see it a bit earlier? Make viewing this magnificent Japanese pampas meadow a special memory.


【Shinshuu Ina Highlands Red Buckwheat Village 】(Minowa Town, Nagano Prefecture)

This year the red buckwheat village will open from the middle of September. At an elevation of 900 m, an area of 4.2 ha of gently sloping land is covered with red buckwheat flowers, a rare flower even in Japan, like a deep crimson carpet, splendid when in full bloom. Soba noodles made with red buckwheat have a more rustic flavor and are springier in texture. During the event there will be a soba restaurant where you can eat red soba noodles made by a master soba chef, so let's make the most of the season's red soba.

【Toyono Cosmos-no-Sato (Toyono Cosmos Village)】(Toyono County, Osaka Prefecture)

Toyono Cosmos-no-Sato was originally begun more than ten years ago by an amateur flower fancier and is now renowned throughout the country. In this garden you will find several million cosmos flowers blooming in competing intensities of pink and white. Some are as tall as a person, and as you follow the maze of paths you can appreciate the autumn scenery to the full.


Photographs provided by: Hitachi Seaside Park Office, Nasu Flower World, Hakone Town Planning and Tourism Office, Tourism Section, Minowa Town Tourist Organization, Toyono Town Tourist Organization

This information is current as of July 16th, 2019. Information may be subject to change without notice. For further details and the latest information, please inquire directly to the relevant establishments.

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