own happiness own story

What is own happiness, own story?

The only international credit card brand born in Japan, JCB currently provides the campaign “own happiness, own story” targeting customers in the active generations in Asia.

JCB has an eye on those in the Millennial generation and Generation Z across Asia. They are said to be quick to follow the latest fads, and enjoy energetic lives, while making efforts to develop themselves and being aware of work-life balance.
“Own happiness, own story” is a new message from the JCB brand to customers, including those in the generations who seek new needs in payment services.
The message contains our desire and willingness to respond to such needs through diversified and finely tuned services to make each one of our customers in the world enjoy their lifestyles and to be true to themselves.

We will provide services and values filled with happiness so that customers can realize the value of our JCB brand as a visible form.
Please look forward to the “own happiness, own story” campaign.

Brand story

Happiness abounds in this world.
JCB is exhilarated by personal discovery of happiness in life’s long journey.
In fact, we hope to be part of it.
We celebrate the joyful variety of lifestyles creating infinite paths to happiness.
Explore your own path.
JCB is ready to support you all the way.

own happiness, own story

JCB launches flexible opportunities fitting the dynamic lifestyle of Asia’s active generation.