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【코드명: 외국인-JCB카드】고객이 계산 시 본 쿠폰을 제시하고 JCB카드로 지불 할 경우, 시설 이용 티켓 요금의 20%를 할인 해 주십시오. ※한국 발행 카드는 대상외. ※다른 우대와 병행 불가.일부 시설 제외.

At this theme park, one of Korea's largest, visitors can enjoy a multitude of attractions and shows. It offers a zoo and park, and is satisfying for all, from kids to adults.

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Attraction, amusement park>Amusement park


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Varies by day.

*Please check the official website for more details.


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