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JCB × Takeya Discount Campaign


Campaign Overview

Shop with JCB card at Takeya to get 10% off when spending at least 5,000 yen! Maximum discount 10,000 yen.

Campaign Period

January 2, 2020 - December 31, 2020

Participating Store



Takeya is the most popular discount store among tourists coming to Japan. Takeya has the oldest history of any discount store in Tokyo. Takeya sells many kinds of goods at a reasonable price such as food, consumer electronics, watches, cosmetics, health food, medicine, jewelry and accessories, clothes, shoes and furniture. You can buy Japanese food, confectionaries, cosmetics, digital cameras made in Japan, blood pressure monitors and import brand watches, all popular as souvenirs, at a super-discount price. You save money because we do the tax free procedure for you. Takeya has been supported by Asian tourists for many years and our popularity is spreading by word-of-mouth. Now tens of thousands of tourists coming to Japan visit Takeya each year, gaining the attention of television, magazine and newspaper coverage.


・All JCB brand cards except those issued in Japan are eligible.
・Tobacco products, ingots, other special categories of product excluded. Ask store staff before purchasing.
・Please check to make sure that the discount is applied at the time of payment.
・The right to this offer cannot be transferred to a third party or converted to cash.
・JCB is not responsible for any dispute related to this offer.
・This information is correct as of December 2019 and is subject to change without notice.



※Multiple choice possible