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Save up to 10% at Japanese hotel and ryokan reservation site - Relux


Campaign Overview

When you make a reservation on Relux, enter the exclusive JCB coupon code and pay with your JCB card to get 10% off your booking.

※ The first 666 customers get a 10% discount, all others get a 5% discount.
※ Even if the 10% coupon code is shown on the Relux website, you will not get a 10% discount unless you are one of the first 666 customers.

*This special offer is provided by Loco Partners Inc.

Campaign Period

August 15, 2019 - September 30, 2020
※Check-out by October 31, 2020.

How to Use

・Search for accommodation on the Relux website.
・Sign up for a Relux account.
・Enter the JCB coupon code in the Code input section, then click Complete Booking.
  [JCB coupon code]   10% Discount: JCBRXB82E   /   5% Discount: JCBRXB42W

・The price shown will include your 10% (or 5%) discount. Use your JCB card to pay.

*You must make a reservation and pay with your JCB card through the Relux website.
*Payment made directly to the hotel is not eligible.


・This special offer is also available for cardmembers with JCB cards issued outside of Japan.
・Neither the right to participate in this special offer nor the coupon code may be exchanged for money or given to another person.
・You must enter the JCB coupon code and pay with your JCB card to receive the special offer.
You must make your reservation and pay on the Relux website to receive the special offer.
・The special offer cannot be combined with any other campaign, coupon or discount.
・Ensure that the discount has been applied before paying. Please be aware that no refund will be made after payment, even if the special offer was not applied correctly.
・The Relux website is operated by Loco Partners Inc. and the special offer is provided by Loco Partners Inc. JCB is only providing information about this special offer, and is not providing the special offer itself. In the event of a problem, please contact Loco Partners Inc.directly.
・This information is up to date as of July 2019.



※Multiple choice possible