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Hold an unforgettable wedding ceremony in the lush nature of Japan! Unique destination weddings in Japan

More and more couples in Japan are choosing to hold destination weddings by themselves, or with only close friends and family, in locations of natural beauty away from where they usually reside. Why not spend your unforgettable wedding day near the ocean, mountains, or a lake, surrounded by the breathtaking nature of Japan? Here are some unique destination wedding spots.

Allamanda Chapel (Okinawa Prefecture)

The Allamanda Chapel produced by Watabe Wedding is perched on the property of Shigira Bayside Suite Allamanda, a leading Japanese resort hotel named after the sea goddess Shigira.
Located on Miyakojima, an island about 300 km from the main Okinawan island, this chapel features large stained-glass windows made with antique glass that depict the island’s tropical plants and flowers.


Surrounded by gorgeous coral reef, the atmosphere of this tropical island is the secret behind its popularity.
From the chapel perched on a small hill in a private garden, you can take in sweeping views of the ocean surrounding Miyakojima and spend a precious day in a space that feels like it exists only for you.


The chapel is part of a luxurious, all suite room hotel that offers ample guest rooms, many of which have private pools.
Both the newlywed couple and their invited family and friends will feel pampered at this resort.


Kyukaruizawa Kikyo, Curio Collection by Hilton (Nagano Prefecture)


Karuizawa, a famous summer retreat in Japan, is also a popular spot for destination weddings.
Located just one hour from Tokyo on the Shinkansen bullet train, yet unbelievably lush in nature, a wedding here in the forest is bound to be a special day.
You can hold the ceremony in a chalk-white, standalone chapel surrounded by greenery.


For the reception after the ceremony, three types of party rooms are available depending on the number of guests.
All venue options are rich in natural beauty and will completely surround you with an abundance of flowers.


The wedding party can also be held outdoors.
With welcome drinks in hand, create precious memories in a beautiful natural environment illuminated by sunlight filtering through the trees.
An outdoor party is perfect for enjoying Japan’s four distinct seasons.
Early summer is popular for its fresh greenery, but in the fall, the foliage changes color to create a truly spectacular sight.


Another draw of the venue is their stylish French cuisine made using carefully-selected ingredients from Japan and abroad.
Overseen by the hotel’s grand chef, the full course French menu is prepared just around the corner so that you can enjoy dishes fresh out of the kitchen.
The dessert buffet offers original, handmade cakes and baked goods created by a dedicated pâtissier.

Odakyu Hotel de Yama (Kanagawa Prefecture)


In Hakone, a place long treasured by Japanese people for its renewing spiritual energy, you can hold a traditional, Japanese-style wedding.
In a Japanese-style wedding, the bride wears a special, white-on-white kimono used only during the wedding ceremony, called shiromuku, as well as a gorgeous, colorful kimono called iro-uchikake, while the groom wears the montsuki haori hakama, a formal black kimono with a jacket and pleated skirt.
Located two hours from Tokyo, Hakone Shrine is a deeply historical shrine that dates back over 1,000 years, and it is surrounded by trees that are over 1,200 years old.
The Torii of Peace, the shrine’s red gate, floats in the waters of Lake Ashi, a volcanic lake.
Holding a wedding ceremony in the sacred atmosphere of this place is an experience you can only have in Japan that will remain with you for a lifetime.


You can also hold a Christian style ceremony while enjoying the refreshing lakeside breeze.
The chapel, designed to resemble the small castle chapels built in Europe during the Middle Ages, and the rose garden filled with colorful blossoms are also popular sites for weddings.


Hakone is also famous for being one of Japan’s top hot spring resorts.
At Hotel de Yama, located next to Hakone Shrine, you can soak to your heart’s content in a spacious hot spring bath.
The hotel also offers guest rooms with great views of Mt. Fuji, which will serve as the backdrop to an unforgettable day surrounded by Japanese nature.
There are plenty of other sightseeing spots in Hakone, making it a great destination for a honeymoon.


Northern Horse Park Wedding (Hokkaido)


Northern Horse Park Wedding offers wedding packages that showcase horses.
In one of their popular plans, the groom—like a fairytale prince—rides in on horseback to pick up his bride.
After three horseback riding lessons leading up to the day of the wedding, even a groom with no prior horseback riding experience will be able to confidently appear before his bride on a horse.
If you find horseback riding difficult, you can still have a gorgeous, royal wedding experience with one of their plans in which you make an entry riding in a horse carriage.
Staff will escort the horse, so even couples without horseback riding experience can relax and enjoy the event.


The ceremony can be held indoors in a chapel or outside in a garden ceremony.
Either choice will result in a smile-filled day surrounded by the wide-open scenery of the great outdoors.


The newlywed couple will be blessed by abundant nature in the area, including a pristine birch forest that looks like a scene out of a picture book and a rose garden full of colorful blossoms.
The venue’s observation deck overlooks a herd of horses living a leisurely life, making it an ideal environment for animal lovers.


Another popular way to utilize the location in Hokkaido, where it snows heavily in the winter, is the wedding photoshoot package.
A wedding in the beautiful forest covered in silvery-white snow will definitely become a treasured memory.
The forest changes its expression along with every season, not only winter, allowing you to shoot in a location that best suits you, whether surrounded by the cherry blossoms in spring or the colorful foliage of fall.

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