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You'll definitely want to try this on your trip to Japan! - Tempura

Tempura—the light, crispy batter of one of Japan’s most representative foods will have you hooked

No overview of Japanese cuisine would be complete without mentioning tempura. A staple of Japanese home cooking, tempura is served at many traditional Japanese restaurants. Ingredients may vary, but most commonly include seasonal vegetables and seafood. One of the most iconic tempura items is shrimp tempura, or large prawns deep-fried with a delicately crunchy batter coating. Enjoy trying a variety of ingredients at different tempura restaurants.


Ginza Tenharu


Ginza Tenharu serves only six customers at a time at the counter, where chefs fry the tempura before your eyes. The restaurant décor is inspired by traditional Japanese teahouses and creates a relaxing environment for you to enjoy your meal.


One of the joys of this restaurant is the quiet environment that allows you to hear the delightful sizzling sounds of ingredients cooking in the oil.


Recommended on the menu is the sea urchin wrapped in nori seaweed. Many customers travel long distances to this restaurant just to try this dish.


The conger eel tempura is beautifully presented and served with a touch of pickled plum.


The beef tenderloin tempura is cooked to the perfect degree of rare.


Located in a quiet corner of Ginza, the restaurant feels like a hidden gem where you can spend a luxurious moment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.




Founded in 1977, Tenko offers both counter and private room seating where you can witness tempura being prepared up close. Since tempura is such a delicate dish to prepare, the chef’s skill truly shines through in the quality of the tempura.

Tenko always has fresh, seasonal ingredients on hand, including vegetables such as broad beans, asparagus, and corn. All fish and shellfish are procured from the market.


Fresh kuruma prawn is a popular item among many guests.


An exquisite batter coating locks in the natural taste of the ingredients and adds a delicious depth of flavor.


The chef skillfully fries each item to perfection in a blend of oils unique to the restaurant.


Enjoy tempura that brings out the flavors inherent to each vegetable.


Tempura Shinjuku Tsunahachi


Tempura specialty restaurant Tsunahachi was founded in 1924 and has been committed to serving tempura for over 95 years.

With “devotion to flavor” as their mission, Tsunahachi is committed to always serving tempura at reasonable prices.


Restaurants are located across Japan, and each restaurant offers a unique menu.


At the main location in Shinjuku, you can choose from several different set meal options such as the Tempura, Sazanami, and Edomae Sets, each offering a variety of seafood and seasonal vegetable tempura.


The Tendon (rice bowl topped with tempura dipped in sauce) is a recommended alternative to the set meals.


Ice cream tempura was first developed by Tsunahachi and it is one of the restaurant’s original creations. The contrast between cold ice cream and hot tempura coating is superb.


Photos courtesy of: Ginza Tenharu, Tenko, Tsunahachi Corporation

This information is current as of February 12, 2020 and may be subject to change without notice. For further details and the latest information, please inquire directly with the relevant establishments.



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