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A must-eat on your trip to Japan! - Red king crab

Red king crab, the undisputed king of Hokkaido seafood

Red king crab is one of Japan’s three most famous crabs. Their bodies can grow to over a meter long, hence the name ‘the king of crab’. In Japan, they are mainly caught in the Sea of Okhotsk, northeast of Hokkaido. The red king crab’s meat is known for its plump texture and tightly packed, substantial quality. Why not taste this fresh concentration of rich umami in its natural locale?

Kani and Hokkaido Cuisine Sekkatei


Established in 1989, you can taste fresh crab from the bounteous Hokkaido ocean at Kani and Hokkaido Cuisine Sekkatei.


Sekkatei’s red king crab comes mainly from the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. Crabs that thrive in extreme cold contain plenty of nourishment, and their rich flavor spreads throughout the mouth.


Enjoy a variety of dishes prepared by devoted chefs while relaxing in atmospheric Japanese-style rooms.


Take the time to savor the atmosphere and signature Hokkaido cuisine, and keep the memories with you forever.

Sapporo Kanihonke


Sapporo Kanihonke uses only the highest-quality crab, which is packed full of meat. It can even be eaten raw as sashimi.


Emphasis is placed on easy-eating and the natural flavor of the crab, and this ethos is reflected in every dish.


The kanisuki hot pot is perfect for winter, but also delicious in summer to relieve the fatigue from overly air-conditioned environments.


Try deep-fried crab dishes in dashi broth, crab steaks, crab legs, and steamed crabs all containing red king crab.


There are also a number of ‘crab banquet courses’, where you can enjoy a variety of crab dishes.


The restaurant has a number of private dining rooms, from large to small.

Kyodo-ryori Kanitei


At Kyodo-ryori Kanitei you can enjoy outstandingly fresh crab in a variety of ways, such as live and as shabu-shabu.


The freshly boiled live crab is hot and delicious.


The crab for the shabu-shabu, which can even be eaten raw, is gently dipped in simmering water to bring out a soft, elegant sweetness that is truly luxurious.


The smiling, good-natured face of the chef greets you as you enter. The restaurant contains both private rooms and sunken kotatsu-style seating.

Photos courtesy of: Kani and Hokkaido Cuisine Sekkatei, Sapporo Kanihonke Co., Ltd., Kyodo-ryori Kanitei

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