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Enjoy an adventure with nature at the attraction-packed Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route!

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is one of the world’s leading mountain sightseeing spots. Its total distance is 37.2 km, and it has a maximum elevation difference of 1,975 m. Ropeways and cable cars traverse the route, so both young and old can easily enjoy themselves. The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is open from mid-April to November 30 every year.


【Tateyama Ropeway】


The Tateyama Ropeway connects Daikanbo to Kurobedaira. With not a single support pylon from the top of the mountain to the base, this ropeway uses the ‘single span’ system. Why not try gazing at the superb scenery out of the large observation deck-like windows, while enjoying the thrill of the ride?

【Kurobe Cable Car】


The Kurobe Cable Car is the only fully underground cable car in Japan. It runs on a steep slope with a difference in elevation of about 400 m and a maximum gradient of 31 degrees. Everything from boarding to exiting the cable car is done in a tunnel, so you can feel the excitement of exploring underground.

【Lake Kurobe Cruise Ship ‘Garube’】


Gaze up at the Northern Alps as they appear before your eyes while riding the Lake Kurobe Cruise Ship ‘Garube’. It takes around 30 minutes to circumnavigate the lake. ‘Garube’ is the highest-sailing pleasure boat in Japan and is only in operation from June 1 to November 10.

Kurobe Dam

【Tour the gushing waters】


You can see the spraying waters of Kurobe Dam from late June to mid-October. The beautifully contoured arch spraying water like a splendid waterfall is particularly stunning.


On clear days, rainbows can be seen in the falling water.

【Kurobe Dam Walking Courses】


There is a walking promenade along Lake Kurobe consisting of a beech and Erman's Birch forest walking track with plenty of greenery. Since there is little difference in elevation along the course, anyone can safely enjoy ‘forest bathing’ here.

Spring and Summer in Murodo

【Spring: ‘Yuki-no-Otani’ Snow Wall】


The impressive ‘snow wall’ is created by digging out packed snow covering a height of 20 m. This overwhelming spectacle can be enjoyed from April 15 to June 22.

【Summer: Mikurigaike Pond】


In summer, the clear azure surface of Mikurigaike Pond reflects the beautiful lush greenery that surrounds it. The inverted Mount Tateyama, reflected in the waters on still days, is a popular sight.

Photos courtesy of: Tateyama Kurobe Kanko Co., Ltd.

This information is current as of December 10, 2019 and may be subject to change without notice. For further details and the latest information, please inquire directly to the relevant establishments.



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