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A must-eat on your trip to Japan! - Kobe beef

Kobe beef, Japan's leading wagyu brand

Kobe beef is a globally known, leading beef brand in Japan. According to a FY2015 study of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, other Japanese beef brands were recognized by approximately 10% of foreign nationals. In comparison, Kobe beef was recognized by astounding numbers: approximately 90% of Thais, 78% of Hong Kong nationals, 75% of Taiwanese, and approximately 30% of U.S. citizens. It is visually pleasing, and once you try it you will never forget it. Here is a list of three restaurants where you can try this excellent specialty in Kobe, the home of Kobe beef.

Kobe Steak Teppanyaki Setsugekka


Setsugekka has received a star from a world-famous restaurant guide for six consecutive years. It serves only Kobe beef from heifers fattened for 30 or more months—longer than the standard breeding period. The beef has fine marbling, and the red meat is highly savory.


Since the tallow is soft, the fat of the red meat melts from the temperature in your mouth. Teppanyaki dishes are prepared by the chef in front of you. The chef’s adept performance, the sound of sizzling meat, and the pleasant smell all make teppanyaki a cooking entertainment! Just from looking at it, you know the beautifully grilled red meat tastes exquisite.


In addition to steak, Setsugekka has courses featuring fine ingredients, including lobster, abalone, and seasonal vegetables.

Kobe Beef Kisshokichi Main Branch


The greatest feature of Kobe beef is its quality with meat that melts in your mouth. The fat gives a savory taste that is not heavy. Kobe beef also has a unique sweetness. The slices are cut slightly thick so that customers can enjoy them to the maximum.


Shabu shabu (hot pot cooked in soup) is served with Kisshokichi’s special ponzu (citrus-based sauce) and sesame dipping sauces that bring out the flavors of Kobe beef. Rich both made from Kobe beef is used to cook the meat. Fully enjoy both the flavor and sweetness of Kobe beef with this shabu shabu dish.


The Kissho Group purchases many whole cows that have received awards, including champion cows ranked first in the Kobe Beef Competition and the Kobe Beef Carcass Competition. Customers can thus eat this world-renowned delicacy at reasonable prices.

Edoyashiki Komon


Komon specializes in authentic Kansai-style sukiyaki (hot pot cooked in sweet soy sauce broth), seasoned only with sugar, soy sauce, and sake. Its prized Kobe beef has been aged by Komon’s unique method and served when the meat tastes the best. Only this restaurant with its extensive know-how of Kobe beef has mastered this technique.


Aged Kobe beef has beautiful mesh-like marbling that is particularly striking. The fat melts by the heat of the pot and integrates with the meat. The entire meat shines, and the flavor of fine meat and fat with hints of sweetness melt and spread inside your mouth. In this sukiyaki dish, Kobe beef is cooked to perfection!


Kobe beef is aged by a distinct method based on Komon’s 45-year heritage. The restaurant displays seasonal antiques that will give customers a feel of Japanese culture.

Photos courtesy of: Setsugekka, Kisshokichi, Komon
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