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Let's enjoy fresh, plump seafood from the conveyor belt

"The standard of conveyor belt sushi in Kanazawa is so high!" Every day, many people from all over Japan come to eat sushi at conveyor belt sushi restaurants engaged in what has long been described as, "The fiercest contest to be the best in Japan." The restaurant operators, conscious of this stream of customers coming from outside the region, make sure they feature Kanazawa's locally caught fish at every restaurant. October is the turning point when the temperature of the air and sea drops gradually, and fish put on layers of fat. Why not come and enjoy the ultimate in conveyor belt sushi; the distinctive seafood from the Sea of Japan, pressed onto rice from Hokuriku?


Kanazawa Maimon Sushi


The superb fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan is selected with the eye of a connoisseur and prepared with the skills and handling of a sushi master. It goes without saying that the rice, soy sauce, and seasonings are produced in Japan, but the attention to detail at Kanazawa Maimon Sushi even extends to the disposable chopsticks. Although the head restaurant is located in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, its conveyor belt sushi restaurants have been established in every part of the country. With sumptuous crab placed almost casually on its bed of sushi rice, the "Kani Ganko Mori" (Heaped Crab for Die-Hards) is the piece de resistance adored by local customers. Whatever the dish, the staff here are devoted to serving tasty sushi to lots of customers.


Kaiten Sushi


Kaiten Sushi was born from the dream of making truly great sushi from a base in Ishikawa Prefecture. Raw toppings are served of course, but this restaurant also has a fine selection of matured and marinated items. The secret of the flavor lies not just in the topping or method of preparation. The size, thickness, shape, balance of the topping with the sushi rice, and even the weight of the sushi is given careful consideration. Whenever you visit, you are sure to have delicious sushi to savor. The set lunches of the season’s nigiri, or nigiri sushi with fish miso soup, are also very popular.


Sushi Kui Ne!


Sushi Kui Ne! is an expanding chain of restaurants centered around Ishikawa Prefecture and Toyama Prefecture. The concept behind it is, "Our people make authentic sushi using the ingredients of the day, on the day itself." Seafood is sent direct from Himi Port and Kanazawa Port to ensure freshness. Great care is also taken with the sushi rice, to make the delicious seafood even more tasty! Koshihikari rice from Noto (Monzen and Suzu) is used to bring out the umami and the texture of fish in the mouth. The almost-sweet flesh of the fish with its perfectly balanced accompaniment of sushi rice makes Kanazawa sushi the ultimate, so don't miss out.


Photos courtesy of: M&K Corporation Kanazawa Maimon Sushi Head Office, Visionworld Co., Ltd., DOMAX Co., Ltd.

This information is current as of August 23, 2019 and may be subject to change without notice. For further details and the latest information, please inquire directly to the relevant establishments.



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