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Charms of nature discovery tours in Shikoku

Shikoku lies between the Honshu mainland (where Tokyo and Osaka are located) and the island of Kyushu (where Fukuoka Prefecture can be found). It is an island of abundant nature, surrounded by peaceful seas. Each of its 4 prefectures has its own distinctive sightseeing spots to fully experience nature, and gourmet foods to enjoy, so this time we’re serving up a full helping of attractions!

Kagawa Prefecture

Nestled between Takamatsu airport and the sea, Kagawa Prefecture can be reached by train from Okayama Prefecture (Honshu). It’s the smallest in Japan by area, but so many sights are concentrated into this prefecture! Let’s go visit the attractions of Shodoshima Island, about 60 minutes from Takamatsu harbor.

Kankakei Gorge


Here you can appreciate the rich, green scenery of Kankakei gorge, which is counted among the top three most beautiful gorges in Japan.

Revel in the beauty of nature from the cable car or while hiking.

Michi-no-Eki Shodoshima Olive Park


The perfect place to unwind while savoring gourmet food, which is produced using local ingredients and natural hot springs. It’s fun to hunt for souvenirs made from the famous locally-grown olives!

Let’s try the famous specialty food of Kagawa, udon noodles!



You’ll really get a kick out of the way the kama-age udon noodles are served in a big tub of hot water! Be sure to enjoy them at their place of origin.

Ehime Prefecture

Not just for nature lovers, Ehime is perfect for those who want to enjoy the romance of history.

Access via Matsuyama airport, or else by Kyushu ferry!

Maintopia Besshi

This is a spot full of historical charm, where you can walk around a former working mine, and the “Machu Picchu in the East”, as the Tonaru zone is also known.

Dogo Onsen Hot Springs


Said to be the oldest in Japan, the historic Dogo Onsen Hot Springs are a must-see. It was the setting for the classic novel by Natsume Soseki: Botchan.

Orange BAR


The juice of famous locally-grown Satsuma oranges, out of a faucet!? If you’re in Matsuyama airport, make sure you drop by this store!

Kochi Prefecture

If you want to experience the magnificence of nature, then Kochi Prefecture is the place. It’s also great to visit by express bus from within Shikoku!

Shimanto River


The longest river in Shikoku is often referred to as “the last pure river of Japan”. Let’s take a leisurely sightseeing cruise to appreciate the beautiful landscape.

Shimanto River Houseboat Cruising Service, “Nattoku”

Sunabi Museum


From this spot, where 4 km of beautiful sandy beach represents a natural, living, art gallery, you can enjoy the scenery of Kochi to your heart’s content.

Michi-no-Eki Nabura Tosa Saga


The most famous delicacy of Kochi is bonito. Taste the “Myojinmaru” straw-roasted bonito, selected for 1st place in the Citizens’ Choice Food and Drink Awards.

Tokushima Prefecture

Tokushima Prefecture is where you can see a powerful, natural phenomenon! If traveling from Honshu, take the express train from Okayama.

Naruto Whirlpool


From a sightseeing boat, you can see from close-up the huge whirlpool, that reaches up to 30 m across!

Awaodori Kaikan


“Awaodori” dance is a summer tradition of Tokushima. Here, you can enjoy viewing and even trying the experience, year-round!

Honetsuki-Awaodori Ikko


If you are eating in Tokushima, make sure you grab a bite of this “Awaodori” locally raised brand bone-in chicken!

Information is current as of March 2019 but is subject to change without notice. For further details and the latest information, please inquire directly to the relevant establishments.

Photos courtesy of: Shodoshima Sogokaihatsu Company, Shodoshima Olive Park, Zaigou Udon Honke Waraya, Maintopia Besshi, Matsuyama Airport Terminal Building Co., Ltd, Dogo Onsen Hot Springs, Limited Company Nattoku, Sunabi Museum, Michi-no-Eki Nabura Tosa Saga Rest Area, Naruto Kanko Kisen K.K., Awaodori Kaikan, Honetsuki-Awaodori Ikko



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